The Latest Bathtub and Shower Trends

A bathroom in El Paso is being renovated, with a new bathtub and ladder in the corner.Trends come and go as another year begins. In 2023, we see some trends from 2022 that are here to stay and others slowly trickling their way in regarding bathroom and shower interiors. With all the trends experts are seeing in El Paso, there are endless ways to refresh your design and bring a new bathroom to life! To inspire your next bathroom makeover, we break down some new bathroom trends homeowners are adopting in 2023.

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Decorative Lighting 

In 2023, homeowners are out with bland lighting, and we’re in with ornate, elegant fixtures! 

From pendants to scones, bathroom and shower spaces have become prime spaces for showcasing lighting and similar elements! Even something as small and overlooked as bathroom lighting can add a soothing atmosphere to a bathroom. 

Light Tones 

Light tones do not necessarily mean white tones. 

For some homeowners, white is simply too white. If you are looking to maintain light but don’t white blinding white walls or accent, it is recommended to stick with neutral and soft colors such as: 

  • Eggshell 
  • Taupe
  • Cream
  • Light pinks
  • Warmer woods 

Mix and Matching Tiles 

More and more homeowners are making bathroom renovations fun and exciting by mixing and matching bathroom tiles. From the shower to the backsplash, matching tiles add a chic custom look to a bathroom. Geometric tiles are in high demand as homeowners find these the easiest and most aesthetic to work with. 

Dusty Blues and Greens 

Not only do experts see softer, creamier tones in bathroom interiors but pastel blues and greens are also topping the charts! 

Dusty blues and greens have become rather popular because these colors open a palette. This means homeowners have more room to get creative with bathrooms and can work with more complimentary hues!

Bathtub: Focal Point 

In most modern homes, the shower space or bathrooms are hidden behind curtains, set off to the corner. Now, people are customizing their homes to make their tubs the centerpiece of their bathrooms. 

So, if you’ve been wondering if you can use a bathtub as a place to decompress but also to make a stylistic statement, we’re here to confirm exactly that! Contact us to see our variety of bathtubs that will be sure to elevate your bathroom.

Textured Tiles 

In addition to the on-the-rise geometric tiles, textured pieces are also making a breakthrough in 2023 thus far. Geometric tiles are rather popular in shower spaces because they add a natural, earth-like element. Are you looking to bring the outdoors in? Textured tiles can help you achieve that. 

Gold Accents 

Gold accents are the perfect tool to help make your bathroom interiors and accents pop! For example, if you have an abundance of white or light tones in your bathroom, you can draw more attention to the bathroom by adding some gold accents. Evenly distributing gold accents is key! 

Stone Showers 

If you want to take up a full-on stone shower, this may be a better option than simply replacing tiles! 

Showers covered in stone slabs are great in several ways! They are easy to clean, and grout is rarely a concern. Best of all, the stone is a classy material and creates a statement of its own. 

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