Taking Care of Your Future Home: Plumbing Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Luxury bathroom interior in marble with glass shower and round double sink.Buying a home is a special journey. It can be rewarding, overwhelming, and all things in between. Overall, it’s an exciting time! As a homebuyer, you have to pay attention to all the details, big and small. One major important thing to look at is the plumbing. Although a home may look extravagant on the outside, some systems may not be in the best condition, including the plumbing. Inspections on homes are always done after you decide to buy a home, not beforehand. With that being said, homeowners have to watch out for signs that may indicate a problem that way they can prepare and act ahead. We discuss some tips to practice while you’re on the hunt for a new home (and reliable plumbing). 

First and Foremost, Get an Inspection Done 

Getting an inspection done on your new home is something you should do immediately. Some plumbers offer inspections at reasonable prices for reliable services. Costs or not, getting an inspection shouldn’t be negotiable, it is always necessary. Once an inspection is complete, your plumber can provide you with repairs and maintenance that may need to be done. 

Find the Shut-Off Valves 

Locating your shut-off valves is crucial, especially when you come into contact with a leak. You should never have to be searching for the shut-off valve when you encounter a plumbing emergency. This is something that you should be able to find and do within seconds of a plumbing crisis. Water could flow into your home if you fail to shut the water off within enough time. 

Keep the Drain Clean 

Drains can easily get clogged, but by taking the preventative maintenance necessary, you won’t have to worry about this. Drains are often clogged by wads of hair and other forms of debris. All in all, if you don’t want dirty water to accumulate, do yourself the favor and keep things from going down your shower drain. If you are occasionally experiencing clogs, you may need to contact your plumber to assess the problem. 

and the Tub!

In addition to the drain, you should keep your bathroom tub as clean as possible. Say you have mud or large chunks of dirt all over you, sure you could wash it all down in the shower, but these increments of dirt can have rocks or sticks that make it harder to go down the drain. Either way, it’s not just your tub you’d be dirtying, but you also put your drain at stake. 

Refrain from Drain Cleaners 

What many homeowners don’t know is that a liquid drain cleaner can cause more damage than help the situation. It is better to use a snake to drag out debris and buildup or simply call a plumber. We never advise our customers to take care of these problems on their own. The best thing to do is to call a plumber when you are unsure. 

Lubricate Your Faucets

Faucets can harden, squeak, and interfere with the pressure of the water as they age. Turning your faucets with too much force can bring about leaks and an extra effort to turn off the running water. With a little bit of waterproof lubricant, it helps to prolong the life of the spring in the faucet, which further prevents leakage from the spout. 

Consider Your Pipes at All Times

If you plan to drill holes or pound nails into your walls, you must think carefully about where and how you will be doing so as it could lead to a puncture in your pipes. You must first determine where your pipes are, which you might be able to do with an inexpensive stud. You can also consider an endoscopic camera to take a better look through your walls. 

Never Ignore Hard Water

Hard water is often indicated when your water supply begins to look pink or orange. Overall, it isn’t advised to overlook hard water as it can damage your pipes. 

Always Have a Reliable Plumbing Company You Can Call 

Lastly, you should always have a plumbing company on standby. You never know when an emergency may arise and by calling a reliable plumbing company, you can have all the work done in the most professional manner. 

Contact C&L Plumbing Supply for More Information

The professionals at C&L Plumbing Supply prioritize every need of all of our clients. Whether you need some extra information about your plumbing or services, we are willing to serve you. Contact us today to learn more about how you can take care of your systems. 


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