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How to Choose the Right Toilet For Your El Paso Home 

Not all toilets are created equally. This indispensable yet often neglected part of the home is not always given the attention it deserves, but people are catching on. Today’s homeowners are much more aware of the many toilet options available and how they are different. Once you know the options out there, shopping for a […]

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Everything You Need to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom 

Just like any other room in your home, remodeling your bathroom requires plenty of thought, time, and consideration. The bathroom is constantly being used, so if you have decided to take it up for a remodel, you have our full support. Nonetheless, there are several factors you have to think about before you decide to […]

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Renovating Your Shower With 6 Methods 

If you’re thinking of renovating your shower, it may be because of one of two things: it’s outdated or it’s not working at its full potential. In many instances, it may even be both! Whatever the case may be, the professionals at C&L Plumbing Supply want to help.  Showering should be similar to a spa-like […]

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Eco-Friendly Bathroom Ideas for Water Conservation in 2020

Many people see a new year as a fresh start. It’s a time to start of that gym membership you’ve been thinking about, or maybe you’re ready to try a solely vegetarian diet. If you’d like to do your part in evolving your bathroom into a more eco friendly, water-efficient then you’ve come to the […]

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Modern Showers Options for Homeowners in El Paso

Showers are so integral to our everyday lives that it’s difficult to imagine a world without them. Sure, we could still have bathtubs but imagine taking a bath every day before heading into work or school. Would be very time-consuming, wouldn’t it? Now, we may very well take our showers for granted. If you’re in […]

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