Renovating Your Shower With 6 Methods 

Woman taking a shower in a fancy showerIf you’re thinking of renovating your shower, it may be because of one of two things: it’s outdated or it’s not working at its full potential. In many instances, it may even be both! Whatever the case may be, the professionals at C&L Plumbing Supply want to help. 

Showering should be similar to a spa-like experience, where you walk in and out fully satisfied! If your shower feels nothing close to this, then it is time for an upgrade. There are many ways in which you can completely alter your shower experience for the better. We discuss the best methods possible, below. 

Replace the Shower Head 

One of the best and most obvious things you can do is simply replace the showerhead. There are plenty of great showerheads out there. Customers now have options they can look at and choose based on their personal preferences. 

Whether you’re looking for a soothing rain shower or jetted water massage, it is important that you start looking at your options and evaluating them. Even better, a new showerhead can help you save on your water bill by preventing leakage. Thankfully, showerheads are rather affordable and can help you save plenty in the long-run. 

Consider a Water Softener

Water softeners can create a world of a difference when it comes to your shower experience. Softeners prevent calcium buildup and other minerals in the water flow that might be overwhelming for your body. Softeners also provide a soft and satisfying feel whenever you bathe, making you feel lush and clean as ever. Water softeners can also prolong the lifespan of your shower head, which is best when you do buy a new showerhead. If you’re looking to leave your skin and hair soft and hydrated, a water softener can help you achieve exactly that.

Think Technical 

Some showerheads are more tech-savvy than others. If this is something you’re looking for, you definitely have options to choose from! Some showerheads allow users to change the pattern of the spray by the touch of a finger as opposed to having to manually switch it up. Other showerhead models are being wired to a remote, therefore, if different users have preferences with the spray patterns, they can create personal modes, that way changing the pattern is easy every time. This feature is best with children or older people in the house, especially if they cannot easily reach the showerhead.

Take the Time to Keep Your Shower Head Clean

Maybe you don’t want to completely replace your showerhead. While that is completely acceptable, in order to enhance water flow, you should consider taking time out of your regime to keep it clean and working at its best. By cleaning your showerhead regularly, it prevents backup, the pace and pressure of the water in which it travels, and it also keeps residue from traveling in the water as well. No one wants to wait for the shower’s pressure to build up with time, so in order to prevent this problem from worsening, you’ll need to give your showerhead a deep cleanse. 

Replace the Tiles 

Because water contains minerals, it can not only cause buildup on your showerhead but can also leave films of dirt and grime on the tiles within the shower. Sometimes, this is also encouraged through the use of heavy soaps, as they seep through the dividers between the tiles. You could also give your tiles a tough scrub if you’d rather keep them. If the grime is too much, replacing your tiles might be the best option. Replacing your tiles provides you with the opportunity to better match your showerhead! 

Add a New and Improved Shower Tray 

Similar to tiles and the showerhead, shower trays or the floor on which you shower can collect dirt and grime. Sometimes the grime and residue are simply too stubborn to clean off yourself. This is where a shower tray can help. Shower trays, depending on what you choose, can provide smoother textures for you to stand on during showers and can make the cleaning process easier when giving your shower space a good cleaning. 

Choose C&L Plumbing Supply for Your Bathroom Needs 

When it comes to your shower experience, your bathroom should never fall short of a cleansing and relaxing space. C&L Plumbing Supply wants to help you with upgrades, waterworks, and whatever else we can assist with! Contact us today to get started on renovations and to learn more.

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