Modern Showers Options for Homeowners in El Paso

a modern showerheadShowers are so integral to our everyday lives that it’s difficult to imagine a world without them. Sure, we could still have bathtubs but imagine taking a bath every day before heading into work or school. Would be very time-consuming, wouldn’t it? Now, we may very well take our showers for granted. If you’re in the El Paso area and you’d like to upgrade your showerhead (or your entire shower, for that matter), then contact C&L Plumbing Supply Co. Inc. We have anything and everything you could ever require for your home’s shower to be as efficient, comfortable, reliable and stylish as possible.

The Story of Modern Showers

Modern showers, which were operated with a hand pump, first came about in the early 18th century when William Feetham patented the technology in England. This pump would push water into a “shower head” above the user who would then pull a lever that would release the water above the user’s head. Sounds archaic but back in 1767, it was the most modern way to get clean. The water in these original showers was, as you might expect, room temperature (or even cold) which would result in an uncomfortable showering experience.

Most Popular Shower Options

Fast forward to today, where we have three top options for shower water temperature choice. Manual mixer showers, for example, mix hot and cold water which allow you to move a valve towards the temperature of your choice. These showers are easy to use and low maintenance. Thermostatic mixer showers are a bit more advanced and give you the option to control the temperature of the shower’s water by setting the desired temperature. There are also electric showers which don’t require a hot water supply as the built-in heating unit heats up the cold water. No matter what you choose, C&L Plumbing Supply Co. Inc. can help!

Choose C&L Plumbing Supply Co. Inc., Today!

Now that we’ve talked about the internal workings of the showers of today, it’s time to discuss the aesthetic options from which you can choose. There are various types of shower heads that may suit your needs. Perhaps you’d like a larger showerhead or a more efficient option. No matter what you have in mind, C&L Plumbing Supply Co. Inc. has plenty of options available for you to build the shower of your dreams. Give us a call to learn more about what we have to offer!

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