Looking to Redo Your Shower? Check Out 3 Shower Ideas for Your New Design

There’s nothing like a hot shower following a hard day at the office. Perhaps you want to enhance this experience by doing a little work in your bathroom and upgrading the plumbing and using some unique shower supplies to make things a little more interesting. Today’s homeowner has plenty of options when it comes to shower and plumbing supplies as they embark on their bathroom upgrade. 

So, what are some of today’s most sought-after shower styles and bathroom upgrades? Let’s take a look. 

The New Era of Bathroom Comfort and Shower Versatility 

Major changes in interior design and decor are underway. Since the pandemic began, many stylistic changes already in motion began to accelerate, as people had nothing more to do but invest in their home and make their humble abode as comfortable as possible. A couple of the overarching movements in the interior design world include: 

  • Minimalism: The minimal style has become popular for every room in a home. 
  • Bold Colors: People are going with bold colors and accent colors. While the traditional white showers never go out of style, many are experimenting with bold colors. 
  • Energy-efficient and elegance: In addition to finding ways to make the home more energy-efficient, the modern homeowner is concerned with elegance and functionality. Most modern designs have this fusion of elegance and beauty with a high standard of performance or functionality. 

Different Shower Options and Finding What’s Right For You 

Whether you’re doing a complete bathroom overhaul or a surface restructuring, let’s look at some of the most popular shower combinations. 

Bathtub/shower combo

This combination is a widely installed shower style. A bathroom that has a bathtub is likely already equipped with the plumbing for a shower. So creating a bathtub and shower combo makes sense for many people. It’s because the plumbing is pretty versatile that this option is popular with many households. If the bathroom has a bathtub already, it only requires installing a faucet to drive weather from the tub spout onto the showerhead. 

Stand-up Shower

The freestanding shower has gained popularity over the past couple of years. It fits just right with the minimalist design movement that is all about maximizing space. Most of these showers are constructed from molded fiberglass or acrylic and are assembled on site. As far as plumbing, the requirements are a little less involved, which makes a great shower to install in an extra room, guest room, or basement. You simply need running water and a drain. 

Walk-in Showers

This option can be a lot friendlier to the elderly and those that have trouble jumping over a bathtub. They are also a popular choice for those looking for the elegance and minimalist feel of the open walk-in shower. The bathroom flooring needs to be carefully waterproofed and be carefully leveled. 

Custom Showers 

Custom showers are popular when a shower is installed in an oddly shaped space or when installed in a basement or room that’s being converted into a bathroom. A custom shower is built from the ground up and begins with some tiles, waterproof wall panels, and board sheathing. 

Prefabricated Shower

These types of showers come pre-made from a supplier. The shower comes as one unit or in a couple of pieces ready to be installed and assembled onsite. Many of these prefabricated showers are constructed of molded fiberglass or acrylic. 

Shower Supplies to Add to Your Design 

So whether you are building or repairing a shower/tub combination or a walk-in shower, you’ll need reliable shower supplies to complement your bathroom design. 

  • Manual mixer shower: One of the most commonly used types of shower is the manual mixer shower. Most people would recognize this because it mixes hot and cold water every time the shower is on. It uses a valve that allows you to set the temperature and calibrate how much hot and cold water to let out. 
  • Thermostatic Mixer Shower: This is an up-and-coming option for many who are looking for a higher-performing shower. A thermostatic shower features a special valve that maintains a constant water temperature. What makes this shower so unique and high-performing is the thermostatic valve, which mixes both hot and cold water and sets it to a consistent and predetermined temperature setting. 
  • Thermostatic electric shower: This type of shower has its very own built-in heating unit that quickly and efficiently heats up hot water in real-time. It is a great option for people looking for more energy-efficient options and eliminating large water heaters and can use a small supply of water or want to install an extra shower in a spare bedroom and don’t want to install the plumbing or infrastructure to connect to the hot water supply. 

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If you’re redesigning or reworking your bathroom, consider what type of shower you might want to install or upgrade to. Depending on your project and the situation, one of these options might make more sense than the others. 

Not sure where to start? If you’re looking for plumbing supplies or shower supplies, call us at C&L Plumbing today. 

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