How to Avoid Clogged Sinks and Toilets in Your Home

clogged sink

We’ve all seen those signs in public restrooms that warn guests not to throw certain items down the toilet. When it comes to our own toilets or sinks, for some reason we often forget what is appropriate to send down the drain, causing nightmarish clogs. Once a drain is clogged, there are tools and chemicals that you can use to drain it; however, wouldn’t it be great to avoid the mishap in the first place?

Here are three ways you can help prevent a clogged sink or toilet:

Reduce the amount of hair that goes into drains.

Brush your hair before taking a bath or shower to limit the amount of hair that goes down the drain. It may be impossible to completely eliminate hair from going down but you can certainly take precaution by brushing out the hair that will likely fall prior to getting taking a bath or shower.

Consider placing a mesh screen on-top of drains.

A mesh screen will catch things like hair and other particles or gunk that typically go down the drain. You’ll want to clean and dispose of these items in the trash can as soon as you notice a buildup. This is one of the simplest and most effective steps you can take to prevent clogs. The benefit of mesh sink drain traps is that they come in a variety of shapes for various uses such as the kitchen sink, bathroom drain, and shower drain.

Invest in a quality plunger and other useful supplies.

Having a good plunger to use when you accidentally send the wrong items down the sink or toilet is extremely helpful. You may mistakenly drop an item down the sink and need to grab it. With an auger, also known as a drain snake, you can easily grab the item, saving you a headache or perhaps even a few tears. Additionally, when a member of your family attempts to flush too much toilet paper down the toilet, you’ll have a reliable plunger to force it down.

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