5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

A man tightening a hose on a water heater in El Paso.When making a big purchase, it’s natural to want your money’s worth by investing in the best systems for your home. It’s also important to keep in mind that regardless of high-quality materials, proper care goes a long way.

Water heaters are an essential part of any home, from washing clothes and dishes to showering and bathing. There’s nothing like slipping into a warm bath with some Epsom salt or your favorite bath bomb, and there’s nothing worse than the sudden shock of ice-cold water.


To avoid any disruptions to your self-care regime, C & L Plumbing has some tips to prolong the life of your water heater.

Add an Expansion Tank

Think of an expansion tank as an extra safety blanket! It serves as a well-worth add-on to your water heater. Because water expands when it is heated, the additional pressure may be too high for the main tank to handle, resulting in potential damage to the plumbing valves, joints, and the water heater itself. Fixed to the water supply pipe to relieve water pressure from the main system, expansion tanks are designed with the purpose of handling thermal water. 

Install a Water Softener

While the minerals in El Paso’s drinking water are safe to consume straight from the tap, its mineral contents make the water hard. What does hard water mean, you may ask? Hard water alters the quality of showering, cleaning clothes, dishes, and any other household tasks that require heated water. It does not lather easily or form suds when using soap or detergent. Similarly, the minerals can lead to buildups in your water heater, resulting in a number of issues such as:

  • Misreading temperatures, resulting in heating to unsafe levels
  • Deterioration of the heating element
  • Popping noises
  • Leaks

These damages can lead to greater costs down the line, not only to the heater itself but also your home.

Annual Tank Flushes

Tank flushes are the perfect opportunity to check the contents of your water heater to ensure they’re clear. A professional plumber will know how to properly and safely drain and examine the water for any minerals, dirt, and debris. Tank flushes should be performed at least once a year but can be done every six months. Build-ups of dirt and debris can significantly increase your energy bill. So, if any debris is found, a cleaning is necessary to keep your system running efficiently. 

Check the Anode Rod

The anode rod can be evaluated at the same time your tank flush is being performed. It is an essential component of the water heater, hung inside the system, it helps prevent hot water from corroding the inside of the tank.

Add Insulation

Knowing how well your water heater performs is just as important as keeping up with regular maintenance and preventatives. You’ll be able to catch when things are going wrong at the very start so you can save yourself from further damage and costs. Another way to save money is by wrapping your water heater tank and its pipes in insulation. According to the Department of Energy, it can reduce heat loss by 25%-45% and save you 7%-16% in water heating costs. Who doesn’t love good savings?

Learn More About the Best Water Heater for Your Commercial or Residential Property

Whether you’re looking for a brand new state-of-the-art water heater in El Paso or need replacements to your existing system at C & L Plumbing, we can provide you with the right information and guidance in prolonging the life of your water heater. Give us a call at (915) 532-3917, or contact us online to learn more today!

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