4 Home Plumbing Myths & Habits that Need to be Busted

A young father and his son washing their hands in the kitchen sink as the home’s plumbing works without fault.From the moment you shower in the morning to the moment you brush your teeth at night, your El Paso home’s plumbing system is hard at work. While modern plumbing systems may face fewer issues, they aren’t infallible. In fact, there are many plumbing-related myths and deep-seated assumptions that need to be disposed of. Today, we’ll look at four common habits that need to be done away with. 

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Drain Cleaners

While they may seem convenient, drain cleaners can cause unexpected problems and potential health concerns. Think about it, if the drain cleaner boasts its ability to cut through hair, grease, and any other material that may be clogging your drains, will it stop once it reaches your pipes? The answer to that question is no. Using drain cleaners too often can cause your pipes to deteriorate, which will require you to replace them sooner than you hoped.

Further, drain cleaners are basically harsh chemicals that burn through your pipes. If you accidentally splash some of the cleaners on your hand or eyes, you may suffer burns and other serious injuries. Instead of using drain cleaners, we recommend drain augers or plungers. These items will physically remove whatever may be stuck in your pipes.

Flushable Wipes

Perhaps one of the most egregious examples of false advertising, flushable wipes should never be flushed down the toilet. While toilet paper is specifically designed to disintegrate when submerged in water, flushable wipes are much more difficult to break down. 

Think about it, most of these wipes are wet already, so they need to be designed to not break down in water. Why would they then magically break down once flushed? The answer is they don’t. Instead, these wipes simply accumulate in your system, eventually clogging your septic tank. If it comes to that, you may have to hire a plumbing company to dig up the tank to remove the blockage. 

If you want to keep using these wipes, just make sure not to flush them down the toilet. 

Lemon Peels and Ice in Garbage Disposal

The trusty garbage disposal may be taken for granted in many homes, but it’s a simple yet invaluable asset to our everyday lives. But what is there to do when you’ve disposed of some particularly smelly items? 

If your sink is starting to smell, then you might think of putting lemon peels down the sink and running the garbage disposal for a few seconds. While this process may make your kitchen smell fresher, it is actively dulling and corroding your disposal’s blades. The peels can also clog your disposal. Instead of putting lemon peels down the sink, you can buy cleaners designed for garbage disposals. 

Many homeowners also put ice down the sink to “sharpen” their garbage disposal blades. While putting a few ice cubes down the sink every two weeks to a month may help keep your blades sharp, doing it too often can quickly dull your blades. 

Here are our garbage disposal recommendations:

  • Always use cold water when running the garbage disposal
  • Every two weeks, fill your disposal with ice and a cup of rock salt. Run it for a minute to remove food debris from the blades
  • To reduce bad smells, pour a cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda into your garbage disposal.

Regular upkeep will ensure your garbage disposal works as it’s meant to for many years to come. But be aware that garbage disposal blades will eventually go dull over time. If you need a new garbage disposal in El Paso, then C & L Plumbing Supply can help. Come in today to see what we have to offer!

Pouring Grease Down the Sink

Once you’ve finished cooking, what are you to do with that pan full of grease? If you’ve built up a habit of pouring grease down the kitchen sink, then you need to stop that as soon as possible! While you may use hot water to melt the grease in your sink, the grease will eventually cool and solidify within your pipes. As grease builds up, it attracts everything from bits of food to hair. Before long, your kitchen sink will become clogged, and you’ll have to call a plumber to deal with the issue.

A solution for this is to use cold water instead of hot water. Unlike hot water, which liquefies the grease, cold water causes it to solidify so it can travel through the sewer line without causing a clog. Of course, if you can, never pour any grease or oil down the drain. Once it cools, simply pour it into a container and throw it away. 

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If any of the above examples are habits in your kitchen, then you need to stop as soon as possible! Avoiding these detrimental acts can help protect your home’s plumbing system and keep it running smoothly for years to come. 

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